Taricta Edit

The Taricta are two armies in one that are enemies of the Inferno Squadron.Some enemies are brutes ,assassins, droids,and Tarshas.



Brutes are from halo.They are big ugly and can get very angry.They usually carry spikers,that are guns that shoot spikes.They also might have bows and arrows.
A Brute



Droids are from starwars. They are weak ,that is why the fight in giant groups.The carry blasters that shoot blasts. SBD (super battle droids) are more trouble

Battle Droids



Tarshas are humans that are the leaders of the Taricta and are the best out of there army.They carry hidden knifes,Swords and bows.


Grunts are from halo.They are small and carry plasma pistols.They are weak and travel in groups of 6 to 8.



Empousai are from Percy Jackson & the Olympians (Greek Mythology). They are beautiful girls with miss-matched legs. They mostly feed on men, because men are mesmorized and think that the empousa is going to kiss them, when really they are going to bite them. They rarely feed on women.

The Force

Force was a former member of the Census Council who betrayed them and was thus kicked out. He is extremely agile and an intense fighter. He raided a covert government building and has some powerful technology that allows him to do many things.He works with the Taricta

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