Whoever wants to be roommates with someone, list the down here.

Available People (listed on a form in the barracks)Edit

(Add your name here if you'd like)


Zack A. (Although there will be a lot of stuff exploding)

(Okay, since almost everyone wants their own room, Viper and Zack A. will be roommates. Which means Sarah has been kicked out.)

Roommates/Apartmentmates or whateverEdit

(Restriction: Boys and girls are not allowed as roommates)

Eagle Owl has his own room were he works on building things.

Kyra has her own room because she likes a lot of privacy.

Bard Eric has her own room because she likes to have peace and quiet, and also because she likes a lot of privacy.

Mala has her own room because she prefers to work on things alone, like diagraming places that Sylar was at, and hates when people interrupt her work.

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