Leader(First in Command)-Eagle Owl


Infintry DivisionEdit

Field Troop-Ark, Toph

Field Captin-Wolf Sword

Field Commander -Carack

Field Commando-

Field Leader(Fourth in Command)-

Security DivisionEdit

Security troop-Safira

Security Captin-Ava

Security commander-Kyra

Security Leader(Third in Command)-

Spec Ops DivisionEdit


Spec Ops-Zack

Spec Ops minor-

Spec Ops Commander-

Spec Ops Commando-Devir

Spec Ops Leader(Second in Command)-


Commander-Bard Eric


Scout/Look out-Viper

Not in ranking system- Aang

To get a promotion you have to show leader ship, work well with others,kick *ss,and find out important information and locations were the taricta may be.No bribing or forcing to get a promotion.

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